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News from REME Sailing Club

2 Jun 2021

New Offshore Bosun, new 'phone number

REME Sailing Club are pleased to welcome our new Offshore Bosun, Sgt Phil Cartlidge. Please see our contact page for his contact details.

2 Jun 2021

REME Sailing Club Burgees

REME Sailing Club Burgees are available for all members.

They cost �12.50 inc P&P and are made of material that should help them fly better whilst not shredding.

Please email the Rear Commodore Offshore for more details.

26 Apr 2021

REME Sailing Club Offshore Survey

In order to help the Boatswain and Rear Commodore Offshore plan offshore activities for the REME Sailing Club and our two Hallberg Rassy yachts (Seahorse VII and Craftsman III) we'd appreciate it if you would complete this short survey. The questions regarding the purchase of a new yacht are theoretical at this time. We are due to replace one of the yachts soon, but not yet.

If you would like to know more about REME Offshore Sailing including how to charter Seahorse VII or Craftsman III please email the Rear Commodore Offshore.

11 Apr 2021

Offshore Sailing Programme 21.01

The REME Offshore sailing programme (0.1) for 2021 is:

  • 26/27 Jun 8 Bn Try Sail
  • 3/4 Jul Sailing club weekend - mixed crew
  • 21/ 22 Aug Sailing club weekend - mixed crew
  • 11/12 Sep Sailing club weekend - mixed crew
  • 25/26 Sep 8 Bn Try Sail
  • 14/17 Oct End of Season Rally
  • 25/29 Oct Comp Crew/ Day Skipper Course

Please feel free to suggest or plan and run any other sailing events either as a group through the sailing club or with family and friends. See the charter pages on the Club website for yacht availability and details of how to charter the boats.

Pass these details onto your friends, family and other REME sailors. It will be great to see as many of you on the water this year as possible.

All dates are subject to change in line with Gov, MoD and local CV19 restrictions.

Rear Commodore (Offshore) is in liaison with JSASTC to see if the REME Sailing Club can get a leg on one of their expeditions. Further information as we have it.

Please email the Rear Commodore Offshore with any ideas or suggestions or add them to the comments below.

1 Feb 2021

Changes to REME Sailing Club email addresses

The REME Sailing Club internet domain has moved to www.remesailingclub.com and our email addresses have moved with it. Please use our new email addresses from now on, which can be found on our Contacts page.

To contact the Club please replace the "remeyachtclub.com" in the email address with "remesailingclub.com".

Please email any questions to the Webmaster.

If you're looking for older news please click here for our News Archive.

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