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News from REME Sailing Club

31 Jul 2020

REME Offshore Sailing Update

The restrictions imposed on Offshore Sailing due to C19 are starting to lift. The REME Yachts (Seahorse and Craftsman) can now be chartered and we will soon start to deliver training on them on. To that end we have decided to update the sailing programme for the remainder of the year:

  • Sep 4 -6 Continuation Training Weekend (CTW). A weekend on the water specifically for those who cannot manage to muster a crew on their own;
  • Sep 14 – 18 RYA Comp Crew & Day Skipper (CC&DS) course. This will be conducted in company with the RYA Coastal course;
  • Sep 14 – 18 RYA Coastal course;
  • Oct 14 – 18 End of Season Rally – A last hurrah of the season with possibly a trip over the Channel or to the Jurassic Coast;
  • Oct 26 – 30 RYA CC&DS course.

If there is enough interest another CTW might be organised in early Oct.

Seahorse and Craftsman are available at other times for unit, team, department, Mess, family or other charters throughout the year.

If you have any questions or want help to organise some time on the water then please either get in touch with the Rear Commodore (Offshore).

19 Jul 2020

Offshore Sailing Weekend 4-6 Sep 20

The REME Sailing Club will be holding an offshore sailing weekend 4-6 Sep 20 using both Seahorse and Craftsman on the Solent. Crew are required of all levels, but must contain a Coastal Skipper and a Competent Crew. Due to C19 we are limiting the crews to two households per boat.

£50 pp exc food and mooring fees.

Please email to volunteer or for more details.

11 Jul 2020

REME Offshore Sailing reopened

The conditions have finally been met for the yachts to be available for charter again. We can access Fort Blockhouse, have suitable PPE and sanitiser, have safe systems for handover and the Solent is starting to open up.

Therefore, we can start REME offshore sailing again, but there are a number of conditions and limitations to keep everyone safe:

  1. Under no circumstances should you to travel to Fort Blockhouse if you have been in contact with anyone showing any signs or symptoms of COVID 19, regardless of whether you are showing symptoms yourself or not. If you are showing symptoms then follow the government issued guidance. In the event of having to cancel a charter due to COVID 19, charter fees will not be lost;
  2. All charters will have a space of 72hrs between them;
  3. All yachts are to be immaculate on hand back;
  4. Only the skipper is to be present on hand over; both the skipper and bosun are to wear face coverings;
  5. Skippers must have a realistic cruising plan (many marinas are insisting on advanced bookings and anchorages may get busy).

We will not be running military sailing nor courses until further notice but hope to run some continuation training soon.

Please email for further details.

7 Jul 2020

REME Sailing Club Annual General Meeting

The REME Sailing Club Annual General Meeting will be held on Zoom on Wed 15 Jul 2020 from 18:00 to 19:30.

Please email Chris Haugvik or Fergus Sullivan for the meeting details.

14 May 2020

REME Sailing Club (Offshore) COVID-19 Update as at 14 May 2020

Following the PM’s announcement on Sun 10 May 20 and due to the on-going COVID-19 restrictions, it is unfortunate that the REME Offshore sailing activities and charters planned up until 15 Jun 20 must be cancelled. The Offshore Bookings Secretary will contact charterers as required.

Any resumption of REME Offshore Sailing (charters and training) will only occur once the following conditions are met and the situation has been reviewed in the relevant context:

  • Fort Blockhouse and the AOSC must both reopen;
  • A safe system must be in place to conduct boat HOTOs;
  • Any PPE required must be available to conduct a safe HOTO and the required safety briefings;
  • The boats must be able to be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and left for at least 72 hours prior to reuse;
  • Marinas in The Solent area must reopen or a daily return to the home berth must be possible.

If these conditions are met then it is likely that only “single households” will be allowed to charter the yachts until restrictions are eased further. The composition of the “single household” will be the responsibility of the skipper and MUST still conform to the minimum manning and qualifications to charter and operate the yachts safely.

Until further notice we will not be running any courses or continuation training weekends. Rear Commodore (Offshore) will plan and publish new dates for courses and continuation training on the Facebook pages and on the website if restrictions are eased to a level where safe training is possible.

Any questions or comments should be emailed to

16 Mar 2020

REME Offshore activities suspended

The Club regret that due to the Covid 19 outbreak and the latest Government direction all REME Offshore activities are postponed until at least 26 Apr 2020. This period may be extended as required.

8 Jan 2020

REME Offshore Sailing 2019

In a busy 2019, offshore sailing within the REME has gone from strength to strength. The Corps two Hallberg Rasseys (Craftsman and Seahorse) have each logged over 8000 miles on expeditions and whilst being used to train serving and retired military personnel and their dependants.

In June, both Craftsman and Seahorse, along with other yachts from the Army Sailing Association participated in the commemorations to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the D-Day Landings. Sailing as a small flotilla, the trip from Gosport to Normandy was quite rough and excellent training for novice skippers (under the supervision of very experienced and qualified mates). Once the fleet reached Northern France, the weather really improved and the crew were able to disembark and visit the various battlegrounds, cemeteries, memorials and participate in acts of remembrance.

During the summer holidays 20 novices were trained as Royal Yachting Association Competent Crews and Day Skippers. They were trained by three REME instructors (Brad Delaney, Will Naylor and Fergus Sullivan) and an instructor borrowed from the Infantry (Alex Hutton). Although this training was run by the REME Sailing Club it was conducted under the auspices of the Army Sailing Association. It is not just novices that have been trained; some club members, including Lt Cols Adrian Norton and Mike Tizzard have progressed further up the RYA scheme to become qualified as Coastal Skippers.

The boats were chartered in September by the REME Arms School and 1 Regt AAC LAD to conduct sail training. Everyday throughout the course the wind was blowing Force 7 or above (+28 kts). Despite the blowy, choppy and challenging conditions everybody passed the course and vowed to get back on the water again (one novice enjoyed it so much that he bought himself a yacht and is currently sailing it from the Isle of Wight to Essex). At the end of the season a “try-sail” was organised for newly commissioned REME Young Officers; hopefully they will join their new units and encourage their soldiers and colleagues to go sailing.

Training weekends have been held throughout the year for Club members. These events are advertised on Facebook. and then the crew put together. They have included mile building weekends and skill development weekends.

Throughout the year the REME Boatswain (Brad Delaney) has done an awesome job not only teaching people to sail but also managing and maintaining the boats. Craftsman and Seahorse have been involved in the occasional bang, scrape or knock; luckily nobody has been hurt. Brad’s hard work, dedication and expertise has ensured that the boats have not been repaired quickly. He has also conducted remedial training for those skippers who have unfortunately come unstuck.

The programme for 2020 looks just as busy. It will include a “try-sail” for AT/ sailing representatives and potential officers, the Army Offshore Regatta, weekend continuation training, an expedition to France, courses for serving personnel and courses for dependants (12+ but U18 must be accompanied by an adult). If you have a specific sailing requirement or would like to know more about offshore sailing, please email for more details.

8 Jan 2020

REME Sailing Club Offshore Programme 2020

The REME Sailing Club Offshore programme for 2020 is:






2 May 20

3 May 20

Continuation Trg

Craftsman and Seahorse.

Coastal and CC per boat.

REME SC weekend for club members.

11 May 20

15 May 20


Craftsman and Seahorse.

Racing Crew (TBC)

2 x CI

Likely to be:
1 x racing crew on JSASTC boat
2 x CC/DS as cruise in company

23 May 20

28 May 20


Craftsman and Seahorse

2 x CI

Open to REME/ ASA dependants. U18s welcome but to be accompanied by parent.

6 Jun 20

7 Jun 20

Continuation Trg

Craftsman and Seahorse.

Coastal and CC per boat.

REME SC weekend for club members.

4 Jul 20

5 Jul 20

Continuation Trg

Craftsman and Seahorse.

Coastal and CC per boat.

REME SC weekend for club members.

20 Jul 20

24 Jul 20

REME Pot Officer CC/DS

Craftsman and Seahorse.

2 x CI

Charter to the REME Recruiting Team

25 Jul 20

29 Jul 20


Craftsman and Seahorse

2 x CI

Open to REME/ ASA dependants. U18s welcome but to be accompanied by parent.

20 Aug 20

23 Aug 20

Continuation Trg - Bournemouth AS

Craftsman and Seahorse.

Coastal and CC per boat.

REME SC weekend for clubmembers.

5 Sep 20

6 Sep 20

Continuation Trg

Craftsman and Seahorse

REME SC weekend for club members.

14 Sep 20

18 Sep 20

STW 2 (RYA Trg)

Craftsman and Seahorse

2 x CI

Serving mil only.

21 Sep 20

25 Sep 20

STW 3 (milebuilder)

Craftsman and Seahorse.

Coastal and CC per boat.

Serving mil only.

15 Oct 20

18 Oct 20

End of Season Rally

Craftsman and Seahorse (and others if poss).

Coastal and CC per boat.

REME SC weekend and social.

26 Jul 2019

Coastal Skipper, Day Skipper and Comp Crew Course 16-21 Sep 19

The REME Sailing Club will be running Coastal Skipper, Day Skipper (Practical) and Competent Crew training from 16 - 21 Sep 19. It will use the Corps' two Halberg Rassy 342 yachts and start in Gosport and finish in Plymouth.

This is open to serving and retired members of the Corps, ASA members and their families and costs £180pp excl food and fuel. Space are also available for mile building but training takes priority.

Participants will have to make their own travel arrangements.

Email for more details.

19 Jun 2019

Place on RYA Coastal Skipper Course

The REME Sailing Club have a place on a RYA Coastal Course 24th - 28th June. The course will run from Gosport and is open to all serving and retired members of the Corps. RYA Coastal Skipper qualification is now required to skipper the Corps yachts and is open to RYA Day Skippers wishing to further their experience. Please contact the Corps Offshore Boatswain for more details.

3 May 2018

Offshore Racing – Crew Wanted for British Soldier

British Soldier, the Army’s X41 racing yacht, has a busy season ahead and there are still places remaining on some races, for any serving personnel with some sailing experience. If you are interested, all we ask is that you have had some sailing experience (no formal quals required, nor any specific racing experience). It’s a simple case of emailing the Team Captain, Dave Murphy, who will then try to get you on the boat – not too tricky, as we tend to have spaces here and there. The boat is racing from now throughout the summer so there are plenty of opportunities still. In particular, we are in need of soldiers to crew the Round Britain and Ireland race in Aug 2018.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Phil Caswell (a British Soldier skipper).

24 Apr 2018

RYA Competent Crew and Day Skipper courses

The REME Sailing Club will be running RYA Competent Crew and Day Skipper courses during the summer for eligible people and their dependants. Both courses will commence and finish in Gosport and will use the Corps Hallberg-Rassey 342s.

Dates are:

  • 28 Jul – 1 Aug 18
  • 30 Jul – 3 Aug 18

For further information please contact the Rear Commodore Offshore.

15 Apr 2018

Wanted: Mate with RYA first aid qual (30 Apr - 4 May 18)

A Comp Crew or above with a RYA first aid certificate is needed for a boat participating in Ex WESSEX EXPRESS. This expedition will be a cruise in company, starting and finishing in Gosport and aimed at developing Day Skippers and allow them to sail as far as Weymouth. Service personnel only. For further information please contact Fergus Sullivan.

8 Jan 2018

REME Dependents Sail Training Week (Sun 20 May 18 – Fri 25 May 18)

RYA Competent Crew and Day Skipper training for dependents and non-serving members of the REME Sailing Club. This event may roll into REME Cruise in Company 1/18.

Further information from

8 Jan 2018

REME Cruise in Company 1/18 (Fri 25 May – Mon 28 May 18)

The REME Yacht Club will organise a Cruise in Company for members and their dependents in and around the Solent.

For more information please email

8 Jan 2018

REME Sail Training Week 1/18 (Ex WEST EXPRESS) – (Mon 30 Apr – Fri 4 May 18)

This exercise aims to provide suitably experienced Day Skippers the opportunity to sail outside their normal sailing area, this could be to Chichester and Poole, potentially to Weymouth if conditions allow. REME Sailing Club has bid for boats on this exercise.

Units and individuals to bid for places through

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