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For membership enquires please contact the Membership Secretary, details on our Contact page or by email.

Membership Application Form

Click here to download our membership application form.


Full Membership

Annual full membership of the Club is open to all serving and retired members of the Corps who contribute or have contributed to the Corps Central Charitable Trust (CCT). Membership confers the right to use the Club facilities and to sail Club craft subject to the limitations imposed by qualification rules.

Life Membership

A Full Member on joining the Club or at any time thereafter may become a Life Member on payment of the appropriate subscription, the amount of which will be decided by the AGM each year.


Electronic or photocopies of qualification certificates should be sent with applications for membership, as should details of further qualifications gained at a later date. The Membership Secretary's database is a prime reference used by the Club's officials.


Enter the address, preferably military for those still serving, to which you wish REME Sailing Club correspondence to be sent. Please keep the Membership Secretary informed of changes.

Subscription Rates

Current subscription Rates are:


Serving or retired REME
(including Reserves) and family members.


Annual/Seasonal Membership



Life Membership - single payment



Annual/Seasonal membership is valid from 1 Jan - 31 Dec each year Full Membership subscription rates will differentiate between regular serving REME personnel and others reflecting the ongoing financial support the Club receives from the REME Sports Association for serving REME personnel.

Family members will be covered by either:

  • The family's Life Member partaking in the sailing event/session with the other family members;
  • Taking out Annual Membership if undertaking an RSC course (i.e. all family members must become RSC members in their own right if being taught on any RSC led course);

Other Regt/Corps or Service personnel must take out Annual Membership to use RSC boats/eqpt. NB - Life Membership is now only available to REME personnel.

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