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Kitesurfing Section

Kitesurfing is continuing to grow within the Army and REME maintain a significant presence.


The REME Corps Kitesurfing Instructor can take 4 soldiers on BKSA Army Sailing Association Kitesurfing courses based out of Thorney Island. The remaining 2013 dates are:

Please contact Maj Martyn Jones for availability.

The Corps are currently unable to run independent (IKO) courses for units. If you are interested in running a unit based training event please contact Maj Jones who will be able to advise on how to get going.


The Corps holds some excellent equipment, North & Flexifoil Kites and RRD Boards. If you are a member of the RYC and are a qualified to IKO lvl 3 or BKSA Lvl 2 (completed a beginners course) then you are eligible to loan the equipment, email Maj Martyn Jones for further information.

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