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Directions to ASA Marina

This route card starts from Junction 11 of the M27.

  1. Leave the M27 at Junction 11 and follow the signs to FAREHAM. This is a three-lane road, stay in the middle lane. After a few hundred yards, the left hand lane filters off, but just keep going in the (now) left hand lane. Beware, thereís a 40 mph speed limit half way down this road.
  2. Stay in this lane and filter left under the viaduct following the signs to GOSPORT. Again beware, itís a 30 limit just before the viaduct.
  3. You go past a small harbour and straight on at the mini roundabout. Once past the roundabout, stay in the LEFT hand lane. Just past the Esso garage the lane bears off to the left, signposted GOSPORT. Just follow the lane.
  4. The road takes you past the Hoeford Inn on the left hand side, the Vector Aerospace helicopter yard again on the left and then the Frater armaments depot. Your next landmark is Fort Brockhurst, again on the left hand side. By Fort Brockhurst is a double roundabout. Just go straight ahead.
  5. Keep going, you will go past Kwik Fit on your left hand side, across the traffic lights, past St. Vincent College on your left hand side, just keep going. You will shortly see Gosport Bus Station on your left hand side as the road bends round to the right.
  6. Take the second left into Haslar Road and over Haslar Bridge. Go past the Royal Navy Submarine Museum on your left and take the next left into Fort Blockhouse. If you see the entrance to the now closed Royal Hospital Haslar, you've gone too far.

At Fort Blockhouse

On arrival please present yourself at the Guardroom. There is a visitors car park adjacent to the building.

The Guardroom will prepare visitors passes for each person about whom they are notified. You will need to request and complete a car pass on arrival at the Establishment.

Once in possession of the visitors and car pass return to your vehicle and proceed out of the car park, turning left through the sentry post and towards the sea wall. Follow the road around to the left and proceed past the accommodation blocks on your left hand side. At the end of the blocks you will see the ASA marina on your left hand side. Proceed past the marina, past the Sick Bay on the right, and take the next left turn, then another left almost immediately afterwards.

Just in front of you will be a row of parking spaces, park here. Walk around to your right (from where you drove in) and then left along the Submarine Jetty - note that vehicles are no longer allowed on the Submarine Jetty.

Alternative parking is available by back-tracking on your route and turning right down the ramp (just off the bottom left of the picture below).

At the end of the Submarine Jetty is a gangway down to the pontoons, the REME Sailing Club yachts are the ones immediately at the bottom of the gangway. Normally Craftsman III is on the left as you look at them, Seahorse VI on the right, but they do get moored on opposite berths occasionally.

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