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Offshore Section

The Club yachts are available for charter. Seahorse VII and Craftsman III, both Hallberg Rassey 342s, are based in the Army Sailing Association Marina at Fort Blockhouse, Gosport.


Only suitably qualified members of REME Sailing Club or any other Service Yacht Club may charter the offshore yachts. Charters run from 1800 hrs on day 1 (but there is no charge for this day) to 1600 hrs on the end date; hand-over and take-back of the yachts does not take place on a Saturday. The charter fee is currently £100 per day for REME Sailing Club members and £135 per day for members of other Service Yacht Clubs; lower rates apply between 1st November and 31st March annually (£50 and £100 respectively). In addition, there is a charge of £2.50 per engine hour run to cover the cost of servicing and fuel.

Security Deposit / Damage Waiver

The charterer is required to leave a 'security deposit/damage waiver' for £750 (representing the excess on the insurance) with the Bosun on taking over the yacht. This is normally a cheque made out to ‘The REME Charity’, and will normally be returned or destroyed provided the yacht is returned with no damage or claim pending.

Minimum and Maximum Manning

The yachts are MCA coded for 6 persons and this is the maximum number permitted to sail. The minimum crewing for day sailing between Chichester and Poole is a RYA Coastal Skipper (insurance requirement), with an RYA Comp Crew as mate plus 1 other person. For night sailing and for sailing beyond this (up to Dover - Falmouth, maximum 20 NM from the shore) the skipper needs to be at least a RYA Yachtmaster Coastal with a Day Skipper as Mate plus 1 (see Rules & Byelaws). Exemptions to the minimum manning can be applied for via the Offshore Booking Secretary at who will seek authorisation, as appropriate, from the Rear Commodore (Offshore). The minimum qualification required to charter the vessel is RYA Coastal Skipper (Practical Assessment).

Applications to Charter

Charter applications should be made by email to stating:

  • the required dates (18:00 hrs day 1 to 16:00 hrs on the end date, noting that hand-over and take-back of the yachts does not take place on a Saturday);
  • Yacht Club membership details;
  • Address;
  • Mobile phone number;
  • Qualifications;
  • Any other details that the charterer thinks relevant.

Confirmation of Charters

On receipt of an application, the Offshore Bookings Secretary will send a charter agreement by email (charter agreements can only be sent within 3 months of the proposed charter dates). The charter is then confirmed once the charter agreement has been signed and returned to the Offshore Bookings Secretary (last page only required to be sent) along with the confirmation of charter and the charter deposit. Please note that it is essential, once the charter is confirmed, that charterers liaise with the Bosun, Sgt Brad Delaney on 07429 489382, regarding confirmation of the take over and hand back arrangements.


Payment details are included in the charter agreement.

Cruising Areas

Cruising areas are determined by Club policy and insurance, and are as summarised below:

  • RYA Coastal Skipper : Not East of Chichester Harbour, or West of Poole Harbour. Mate to be RYA Competent Crew or higher.
  • RYA Yachtmaster Coastal Skipper : Not East of Dover or West of Falmouth Harbour, maximum 20 miles offshore. Mate to be RYA Day Skipper or higher.
  • RYA Yachtmaster Offshore : Area enclosed by Ouessant, Lizard, North Foreland and Oostend. Mate to be RYA Coastal Skipper or higher.

Charterers are not to take the Yacht outside the Cruising Limits as defined on the Agreement without written permission from the Club. The minimum qualification required to charter the vessel is RYA Coastal Skipper (Practical Assessment).

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